Nowdays, wedding photography seemed to be firmly entrenched in a standardized set of perfect cliché-looking shots and effects. A lot of wedding portraits had the same glamour-esque look with a soft wash over the image. Wedding photography consisted of capturing, and even fabricating, the exact same image with each and every client.


I try to take the other way. Most of the time, I like to stay back and let things happen naturally. Instead of creating picture perfect scenes for every moment, the I strive to capture the truth and realism in the actual moment. Each client gets pictures that may not have been flawless, but were perfect in capturing the actual emotion and atmosphere of the scene. Their own story. 


I tell your story how it is in my own creative way. Every wedding, every couple, location, energy and relationship is different, so naturally every story will be unique to each couple. I like the not so obvious moments between moments. I like keeping things simple. I‘m not one for tricks or trends or false promises, I simply document you in the most sincere and creative way. This is your adventure…your story.




I have no limits to where I will follow you to document your story.  Small stories that collate into a bigger picture is what I am drawn to. I love the ‘not so obvious’ photographs, the bit’s in between that say more than the moment.


I am not one for tricks or trends or false promises, I simply document you, your story and what I see in the most organic and sincere way. Ask yourself, what does a wedding mean to you? do you want to say, be remembered for and leave behind for your family to see? These are the first steps you are taking into creating something with value and depth. Allow me to see these moments and capture your story with you.