No moments will go un noticed cus he will capture them!


This man is talented beyond words! The pre wedding and wedding pictures left us aww struck! No moments will go un noticed cus he will capture them! I think investing in a good photographer is very important cus once the wedding is done all you have is pictures! And we look back and see the best picturess right in front of us! He is absolutely the best! 

What I like about his photography is that it is very honest !!


I had booked Rahul for my Pre-wedding and Wedding photoshoot. He beautifully captured our candid moments for both the events. What I like about his photography is that it is very honest, rustic and that he is able to capture the essence of the bond that the couple share . I was expecting candid photographs while my parents wanted the Traditional pics and Rahul was able to impress both of us. He is extremely talented, professional and I recommend him wholeheartedly to all the soon-to-be married people out there! 


Saurav and I were looking for a candid photographer for our wedding and one of our friend's suggested Rahul Shah. We looked at his website and were very impressed with his pictures. We compared his photographs to a bunch of other candid photographers in Delhi and liked him the best and decided to bring him in from Pune. We are glad we made that choice! I couldn't have asked for better pictures of us from our wedding. His vision as a photographer is commendable. We had a few candid photographers at the wedding from another photography studio in Delhi. Rahul was a one man army and has still delivered the best images. Apart from being a creative genius, he is a great guy, very polite and humble. He is passionate about his work and insisted on doing a pre-wedding shoot with us. Again, Suarav and I are glad we got to know Rahul and are very happy with his work. 

He captures the bond that the couple shares.


I was delighted by the pictures that Rahul captured at our pre-wedding and wedding photoshoot. He captures the bond that the couple shares. He experiments a lot and brings out the best pictures.

We have a amazing set of memories !!


Thank you for your work and these wonderful pictures! All images were bright, vivid and unusual camera angles simply can not be surprised. You managed to convey a our happiness & relationship, so that really want to come back to this day again!


The easiest decision of our wedding was made when rahul was recommended to us.
His passion, enthusiasm and absolutely stunning photos made the decision a simple one. Knowing that we had Rahul taking so much care documenting our wedding day in the amazing way he does really took the pressure off.
With his wealth of knowledge, incredible eye for detail and friendly Approach nothing was too much trouble and everything was done with a smile.
It really felt like we had another friend there with us throughout all of the crazy wedding. We recommend Rahul and NEED Rahul behind the lens in every wedding

I believe the most important skill that a photographer can posses is the capturing right moments at the right time & doing that without disturbing the focus of the event is just one of the skills of Rahul. 
This differentiates him from a good photographer to an outstanding photographer.
He is almost invisible in the event, unlike other photographers who take over entire space around you, when you are in middle of the most important events of your life.
He let me have the entire concentration on the ceremony.
He captures the moments so candidly, that the smallest memory becomes crystal clear when one sees the photos later.

His photos are non-fabricated...They feel real & one could never get bored of seeing it. 
He really made me look natural & beautiful on my special day. 

Also he captured my entire event without missing important people.
Post event production & editing process is also effortless & simplified for the client.
The design of the album is elegant & timeless. 

I strongly and genuinely recommend him for the future clients